Transmitter Serie ExSens

ExSens Transmitters of the ExSens and ExSens-D Series can be used in hazardous areas of Zone 1 and 2.                                                                          

The measuring signal of the transmitters ExSens is a linear 4-20mA signal output. 
Due to modern sensor technique based on the measuring principles catalytic combustion (WT), electrochemica (EC), semi-conductor (HL) and infrared absorption (IR) these transmitters offer excellent solutions for nearly all thinkable applications.
This series is also suitable in case of renovation of existing systems where wiring expenditure should be avoided or coupling to conventional process management systems is required.
Our digital transmitters I-version are besides the classical 
4-20mA signal output equipped with a RS-485 bus interface which brings a lot of advantages along in combination with control units of our ET-Series. The RS-485 interface allows a favourably priced ring bus installation. This offers the possibility of an automatic single man calibration of these transmitters as well as further comfortable functions for configuration and monitoring of the sensor functionality.
All transmitters could be combined. Due to their modular construction accessories and spare parts are mutually extensively interchangeable, which facilitates and enables installation, adjustment and maintenance at low cost.


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