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15. 09. 08

ExTox focuses on support of families and breaks – Participation on the contest of Family Friendlinesst

ExTox presents itself in the contest of Unnas most family friendly company 2015 with management to feel comfortable and open structures.

  For most of the people the term „Gas detection System“ does not cause very familiar feelings. The company By participating in the contest „Pluspunkt Familie“ ExTox wants to prove that a mostly technical branch does not conflict with family friendly working conditions.
  On the first glance here some things are different. Visitors find musical instruments in the entrance area, with which mainly the Company Band plays birthday songs. The break and conference room is not only equipped with a coffee machine (coffee is free of charge) but also with a kicker and pool billiard. Inga – Manager for everybody to feel comfortable – takes care that there is always fresh fruit and things to nosh. “Breaks are very important“, explained Ludger Osterkamp, „because ideas are born in breaks”.
  New ideas and innovation are very important for Osterkamp, why he creates a corresponding environment for his employees, being preferably called equivalent joint venturer.Main focusis on the family. According to Osterkamp the family is the reason why somebody is working. As a company kindergarten is not profitable for 67 employees ExTox covers supervision of children up to the age of six. In order to facilitate coordination of work, school and kindergarten the company resigns fix working time. This works very well, as all colleagues come to an agreement. Just in case parents may every time take their children to the company. But family support starts before birth of the child. Expectant mothers could look for advice to qualified personal. Advice by especially trained colleagues is also offered for care of relatives. All these and a lot more measures have ExTox earned in 2010 the title of the most family friendly company in Unna. Due to this Osterkamp does not want to have this award again. „It should serve other companies as appeal“. The fact that ExTox nevertheless participates should serve mainly to get in contact with other companies.

Autor: Sebastian Pähler
Source: Hellweger Anzeiger    Photo: Hennes

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