Gas Warning Integral Measuring Concept

imcIt is often necessary to monitor gas concentrations even in sealed off processes or not accessible areas. Typical applications are for example silo and tank monitoring, land fill gas measurement or bio gas facilities. Direct measurement within these processes is often impossible due to adverse application conditions. Sampling from process gas and external measurement are required instead.
With the integral Measuring Concepts of the IMC Series ExTox offers efficient solutions even for those measuring tasks. This Series combines all necessary components in one compact wall mounted housing – from sampling and preparation of measured gas, sensor technique and evaluation.
High flexibility in adaptation to the respective application conditions held the spotlight when designing the concept. Thus only the respectively necessary components are fit with. The modular construction and the use of the approved ExTox-Transmitter and Control Units ensure a cost efficient purchase and maintenance.


The IMC-8D covers a control unit of the ET-8D Series. Evaluation of measuring signals and the release of operating commands forms thus part of the integral measuring concepts. The extension of the control unit software integrates the control and monitoring of the components for sampling and preparation of measured gas. Due to eight available measuring channels it is possible to integrate even external transmitters without additional expenses into the system, for example for monitoring ambient air.

The IMC-8D-Biogas is an example for customer specific solutions which could be designed on basis of the IMC-8D according to your requirements. It is aligned to the special requirements of the biogas analysis. The type IMC-4D-Biogas is the smallest available system.

In addition to the usual outputs, like LED’s, displays, analogue outputs and relays we can as an option adapt a range of special features, such as for example our visualisation software ET-View / ET-Diag.

 Integral Measuring Concepts Type Article no.
Standard Incl. Analogue Output
IMC IMC-1DA   420113
IMC-4D(A)2 420110 420120
IMC-8D(A)2 420117 420118
IMC-Biogas2  IMC-4D(A)-Biogas2  430108 / 430120 /430122 430109 / 430121 / 430123
IMC-8D(A)-Biogas2 430114 430115
IMC-KAT IMC-4D(A)-KAT 430110 / 430126 430111 / 430127
IMC-8D(A)-KAT 430112 430113
NH3-STABLE NH3-Stable 410109  
NH3-STABLE-mobil 701014  
Suction systems AS-1 410110  
AS-2 410111  
AS1-Biogas 410103  
H2S-AKF2 410107  
 AS-1 TL-5000 410123  
Biogas air roof monitoring TL-5000-STD 420123  
AS-1 TL-5000 410114  



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